A Quick Update

So I just wanted to post a quick update to go along with my regularly scheduled post. As of this morning, I reached the 20% mark towards my goal of 100,000 words for my current project. HOORAY!



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Style and Voice

Today I would like to spend a bit of time discussing style and voice. Two different topics when it comes to writing, but that are also linked very closely. First let’s start with style.

According to Wikipedia, style is “the manner in which an author chooses to write to his or her audience.” So does this mean that simply choosing to write is a style in and of itself? I would have to say no. For example, this blog post is written in what is commonly referred to as Conversational style simply due to the fact that  use personal pronouns (I) and contractions (let’s). The other two prominent styles are Technical and Business styles. These two are very similar, other than the fact that Business style allows longer sentences than Technical does.  Continue reading

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Today I would like to talk about inspirations. Not so much people who have inspired me to try my hand at writing become a writer, but more on where I get inspiration for the things I write. One of those places is my personal life. In the first novel I wrote, Sky Islands, the main character is a delivery person who uses a zip line to get from one island to the next more quickly than waiting for the regular basket system to take her. There are at least three sources of inspiration for that sentence summary alone, so let me break them down. Continue reading

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Alright, I’m having a little bit of a problem. I really want to write a Western novel, and I have a basic idea for one, but every time I sit down and open that Word document, I cannot find any motivation to work on it. This is because I am way more interested in writing what I consider to be the sequel of this novel. I think for the idea I am interested in to work, I need to write the first story to flesh out the world a bit.

Has anyone else run into this issue before? I really would like some feedback on what people have done in similar situations.

Update: I didn’t want to just delete this post, but I have somewhat solved my problem. After posting on reddit in r/writing, I have decided to scrap the original story and write the second one, hinting at things that would have happened in the first. Also, as of this post, I will be changing my posting scheduling to a new post every Monday at noon, Eastern time. I am no longer posting parts of Sky Islands, and this will allow me to continue working on my current writing project as well as post things that are actually worthwhile. The first post on the new schedule will be here tomorrow.

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Untitled Dystopian Story

Author’s Note: This is an untitled dystopian story, tentatively titled “Naughty and Nice”, I wrote for use as an extra credit assignment over the Christmas break in my class while we were working on our Dystopian Literature unit. I know it still needs a bit of work, but this is the most current draft. I hope you enjoy it!

Snow covered red and green lights started flashing as the sound of bells ringing cascaded from the bullhorns installed on every building corner.  Corei looked at the lights for just a second before she dropped her shopping bag and bolted in the direction of her home.  Posters of a shadowy face with glowing white eyes saying “He knows if you’ve been bad or good” covered the walls of the buildings on her way home, but they simply passed in a blur as she careened around a corner, seeing the door to her home at the end of the alley.

“Mandatory curfew is now in effect,” a voice boomed over the sound of the bells.  Corei didn’t stop to listen, just tried to run faster, slipping through a patch of deeper snow, and seeing her younger sister, Katrine holding the door to their house open for her.  Corei dove through the door just as the perforated steel plate slammed shut, Katrine barely having time to close their front door before it was turned into splinters. Continue reading

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Under the Rug

Author’s Note: This was originally a story I wrote based on a photo from Harris Burdick titled “Under the Rug.” This was written for a class I took in college about teaching writing in a secondary classroom setting. I hope you enjoy it!

Greg was wondering why his chair had suddenly rocked back on him until he saw the coffee table pop up as well.  After two weeks without incident, he thought the mysterious bump had finally left him.  Before that, the longest hiatus had been only three days.

As soon as the bump would go down in one spot, it would instantly appear in another.  Greg stood up and watched its movement, waiting for it to get closer.  As soon as the bump came within reach, he stomped on it, only to have another rise under his other foot, throwing him face first onto the floor. Continue reading

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So that didn’t take long at all. The blog is currently at 200 views exactly. I am unlocking the Dystopia WIP page, as well as posting two other stories. They will each post at noon, one tomorrow, and the other the following day (July 2 and 3).

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