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So that’s the end of my postings for Sky Islands. Chapter 10, just under halfway through the first draft, was uploaded three days ago. It seems like not many people have been following it, but those who have seem to have enjoyed it. Anyway, it feels good to have it out there.

However, the story’s journey is far from done. Not only do I have an idea in mind for a follow up story, as well as a shorter prequel about how the people moved up to the islands, but I still have a lot of work to do on this first draft. Which brings me to my request:

I need alpha readers!

I need people who are willing to read the entire first draft of the novel and point out plot holes and inconsistencies in the story. This is a huge help as I have a tendency to fill in the information that I know needs to be there. I may have mentioned this before, but I know of one major hole already, as well as a few missed opportunities. Also, I think the ending kind of sucks. I need to know what promises are being made in the beginning so they can be fulfilled in the ending.

I already have an old friend who has had the entire first draft sent to him and, I believe, has begun to read it. But one person is not enough. He knows me better than a lot of people, so he will know when I mean one thing, even though the text may not be saying it.

If you would like to help out in this endeavor, please reply in the comments and I will get in touch with you.

I thank all of you who reply in advance.

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Teachers… WITH GUNS!

I’m not sure how many of you caught this, but Georgia has recently passed a law that would allow teachers to carry firearms in the classroom. Here is a link to the article in case you missed it. Go ahead and read it now. We’ll wait for you here. You read it yet? No? Okay, go do that now. Done? Good. Let’s move on. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? Before we go further, I want to make some things clear:

  1. I have fired guns before. I greatly enjoy firing guns, and I find it to be a perfectly good hobby.
  2. I do not own a gun, mainly for economic reasons. I do not have the desire to own a firearm. At this point, I do not want one in my home, as I would be concerned that one of my kids would get a hold of it.
  3. I do not think we should limit the types of firearms citizens can own within reason. I personally do not think a normal person needs an assault rifle, but if you want one, feel free. I have fired one before, and it is fun.
  4. I believe there should be more accountability with who possesses guns and how they are used. Even if you buy your gun from another private citizen, I think the firearm should be registered to you.
  5. George Zimmerman was guilty as hell.

Continue reading

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Views Challenge

Alright, so today this blog reached over 100 total views. Hooray! I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I think it’s great. In honor of that, I will make a bet with everyone. This comes in three tiers.

1. If I reach 200 total views by the end of July I will post a short story I wrote a while ago that I really like.
2. If I reach 200 total views by July 15, I will pay that short story AND another one I wrote for use in my classroom.
3. If I reach 200 total views by July 8, I will post both of the other stories, as well as make the Dystopian page, which contains an entire story of over 19,000 words unprotected.

So go tell your friends to read, actually read posts you’re looking. Comment and start a discussion!

I mean, it’s not like there’s already HALF A NOVEL on here for you to read for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Sky Islands – Chapter 10

Belinda woke with a gasp and a start, sitting straight up in bed and gasping for air. Her shirt was drenched in sweat and stuck to her body. Belinda scrubbed one hand through her sweat damp hair while clutching her blanket close to her chest with the other and trying to slow her breathing. She had been dreaming that she watched Faxon standing on the edge of Deadwood as it began to splinter apart and fall to the clouds below.

In the dream, Belinda had grabbed a rope from one of their launchers and leapt from Hailey with it in hand, arms spread wide and legs together as if she were trying to fly. She fell, catching up to Faxon as her body became more streamlined and surged forward with gravity’s push helping her in the race. Her fingertips had just touched Faxon’s as he disappeared in the roiling and angry sickly green clouds of agonizing death below the islands. The instant he disappeared, the rope had reached its limit and jerked Belinda to a stop that would have, in real life, ripped her arm from the rest of her body.

Belinda had hung there, searching for any sign of Faxon in the mist, but then a tendril of the fog began to extend up toward her. The shape formed into a hand and grasped her arm, causing excruciating pain just as she woke up.

Her breathing and heart rate now more under control, Belinda looked at her arm, which was missing the angry red welt she thought should have been there. Continue reading

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Sky Islands – Chapter 9

Belinda and Elisha turned to walk back to the group of people who had been staring at where Varnell had been, but had now migrated to where they should have been able to see Deadwood, having realized that a second neighboring island was missing. As soon as he left The Screaming Eagle, Kyden made a bee line for his and Belinda’s home. Belinda veered off course when they were about halfway to the new group and attached her zipper to a basket rope and headed off to one of the few remaining neighbors. As she zoomed away, Belinda turned her head to see Elisha reach the group of people and start talking to one of them.

Investigating the island bombings was frustrating. They had no leads, and no idea where to start. Why would someone even want to destroy the islands? Belinda thought as she sighed and sailed through the air. Belinda landed on the next island and spent the next few hours meandering from island to island, glancing at the doors of each building she passed, but really too distracted to even notice if there was a patch up or not.

Why would Lia get so worked up about all this now? Belinda didn’t think she had any family on Varnell, but did she have any friends there. She really didn’t know. Maybe Lia and Rook were right. Maybe I don’t care enough about my friends. I certainly don’t think I’m that oblivious that I would miss them being together.

Belinda stopped in her tracks as another thought hit her. Is there some reason Fax doesn’t want to have anything to do with this either? She hadn’t seen him in a couple of days, since the night of the storm. Maybe I should try and talk to him, Belinda thought as she turned and headed back toward Hailey. Continue reading

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Sky Islands – Chapter 8

“Where have you been?” Kyden asked, running up to Belinda on the basket platform to Varnell.

“Holy fuck. What are you doing out here?” Belinda asked, her mouth hanging open. “I haven’t seen you out of the house since the accident with the windmill blade.”

“I don’t want to talk about that,” Kyden said, waving his hand between them. “Did you know about Varnell?”

“I had no idea,” she answered.

Belinda turned to look at the crowd where she saw Elisha and Iliana standing on the outskirts. Belinda yelled their names. Elisha heard her and looked over at them before tapping Iliana on the arm. The two of them walked over to join Kyden and Belinda.

“Did you guys hear?” Iliana asked as they came closer. Continue reading

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Sky Islands – Chapter 7

Belinda let the steaming hot water spray from the showerhead above her and wash over her body. She had cried herself to sleep for a few more hours, finally waking when the sun was getting high in the sky. Thankfully Kyden had left her alone for that time. She leaned forward, supporting herself with her hands on the walls of the shower so the water struck the top of her head. She sighed, watching the water and suds swirl down the drain. She reached down and twisted the knobs to turn the water off.

Grabbing one of the towels from a rod on the wall, Belinda rubbed her head with it, and her hair was almost immediately dry. Before getting in the shower she had chopped off quite a bit of it so it was so short that it was almost pointless washing it. She then toweled off her legs before wrapping the towel around herself and stepping out of the shower onto a fluffy mat on the floor.

She pushed open the door that led into her bedroom, letting the cloud of steam waft out behind her and rise to the ceiling. Dropping her towel to the floor, Belinda picked up the outfit she had left sitting on top of her bed and pulled it on. Belinda quickly rubbed her still damp hair with her hands, making it stick out straight in every direction, as she opened the door to the living room and stepped out. Continue reading

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