A Quick Update

So I just wanted to post a quick update to go along with my regularly scheduled post. As of this morning, I reached the 20% mark towards my goal of 100,000 words for my current project. HOORAY!



Now I know that 20,000 words isn’t a whole lot when the goal is five times that, but I think it is significant progress. Especially considering I began the project on July 3 and have only missed my goal of 1,000 words per day a single time. As an added bonus, in my Epic Fantasy set in a Western with elements of Gothis Horror, at 20,000 words my protagonist has still not left on his actual adventure yet. All I have gotten through in the plot so far is the hook in the beginning (an action scene that spans a couple of chapters), and the hero’s Call to Adventure. I know I posted earlier about writing formulas, and if I would follow the Hollywood formula, then I have about 5,000 more words until he needs to leave on his adventure, and then another 50,000 words after that before the beginning of Act III. I already know a skeleton of where the story will be going, and the event that takes us from Act II into Act III of the story, now I just need to fill in the gaps. Here’s to another 80,000 words! Also, if you have noticed, I have posted a progress bar in the top right corner of the page that shows how much I have gotten through the first draft. After this is done, it will be set aside while I go back and complete the revision and editing process for my other project, Sky Islands.

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