Alright, I’m having a little bit of a problem. I really want to write a Western novel, and I have a basic idea for one, but every time I sit down and open that Word document, I cannot find any motivation to work on it. This is because I am way more interested in writing what I consider to be the sequel of this novel. I think for the idea I am interested in to work, I need to write the first story to flesh out the world a bit.

Has anyone else run into this issue before? I really would like some feedback on what people have done in similar situations.

Update: I didn’t want to just delete this post, but I have somewhat solved my problem. After posting on reddit in r/writing, I have decided to scrap the original story and write the second one, hinting at things that would have happened in the first. Also, as of this post, I will be changing my posting scheduling to a new post every Monday at noon, Eastern time. I am no longer posting parts of Sky Islands, and this will allow me to continue working on my current writing project as well as post things that are actually worthwhile. The first post on the new schedule will be here tomorrow.

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