I am a high school English teacher in my mid-twenties who decided he wanted to write a novel. So I did. I thought this would be a good way to connect with people during the writing and revision process, as well as a place to post some samples and get feedback.


3 Responses to About

  1. Is there a way to follow your blog? Maybe some kind of email update? I don’t have a wordpress, and I don’t see another way to sign up for updates to your blog. Thanks for any info, and keep up the great blog! 🙂

    • kjamesp says:

      Hey, thanks for the comment. At the moment you can Follow my blog through a WordPress account or through an RSS reader (the link is in the sidebar). There are many RSS readers out there. I personally use Microsoft Outlook for mine at work. I am looking into setting up email subscriptions.

      • kjamesp says:

        Nevermind, I’m a liar. A link to sign up for an email subscription is now in the sidebar directly bellow the links for my RSS feed.

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