Hey everyone,

So, about a month and a half ago I embarked on the journey of writing a novel. This was not the first time that I started writing a novel, but this is the first time that I actually thought the story was good enough to continue writing. As of right now, I have written near to 78,000 words, and am still going. My goal is to write 90,000 words, but I hope to go farther than that. Especially considering I know that I will have a good bit to cut when I go through my first revision. I’m planning on waiting at least a month after finishing the first draft before I begin the first revision, and want to work on some short stories in that interval. I have decided to begin making the story public. I will be posting the first ten chapters on here, one chapter being posted at noon on every third day (tomorrow being Sunday, the second chapter will be posted on Wednesday, then Saturday and so on). That will take people through the first 46,000 words of the story, or about halfway to my goal.

I do, however, have a single request for anyone who wishes to read these chapters. That is: please let me know if there is anything in the story that is not working. This means plot holes, actions that don’t make sense. Anything that confuses you as to the story, I need to know. That way I can fix the errors when I embark on my second draft of the manuscript.

In advance, thank you for any help you may give, and I hope you enjoy.

Edit: So I did not take time zones into account, and when I put noon for the posts to go up, they actually go up at 8 in the morning.

Edit 2: I actually figured out how to change my time zone on WordPress, so chapters are actually being uploaded at noon now. Yay! I also just realized that there was the edit above this one (go ahead and look). Instead of removing it, I thought I would just add another edit. I’m also going to unsticky this post as it has been up for a couple of weeks now and anyone who was going to be reading the chapters regularly already knows when they post, or can easily figure it out from the previous posts (not that anyone seems to be reading the chapters according to statistics on here). I still want to put them out there.

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